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_____& Jrock Media


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Jrock Media

Welcome to jrock_media a community for sharing jrock media; images, graphics, music and vids.
Layouts are also accepted.

Here are the rules. Please follow them
o1. This community is only for JRock Media (Graphics, Songs, etc.) *hence the name*
o2. Please keep your criticism constructive and don't look down upon a graphic you don't like.
o3. Be nice to everyone and listen to the mods.
o4. Please don't advertise here. Affiliates is the only acception.
o5. Don't post your graphics using ysi or other file sharing services. Only use them services for mp3's/videos.
o6. Introductions are not nessecary, we do like them, and we enjoy having new members.
o7. If you are requesting something, please do not request a lot of things at once. Do not request all the time. And

please put "Request" as the title.
o8. If your file expires, please be nice and if someone requests it, re upload it. That goes for images too.
o9. For the music, please delete after 24 hours. Support the artists by buying their CD's.
o1o. If a post does not relate to Jrock, it will be deleted immediatly.
o11. Images, try and say where you got them, unless you scanned them yourselves.


Leave a comment someplace or contact a mod.

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