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03 April 2013 @ 01:57 pm
Selling GazettE DIM SCENE (Limited Edition) DVD, Magazines (with) the GazettE,random Jrock flyer  

Hey guys I am selling some more stuff^^

What I have:


-Arena37°c the GazettE in Yoyogi Stacked Rubbish tour 2007-2008 with Poster

-ZY. No. 41 with the GazettE, Plastic tree, LM.C and so on… comes with DVD and Poster of the GazettE

-MusiQ? with Aoi from the GazettE, including 12012, Inoran and so on.. with DVD

-ARENA37°C SUPER BEST 2007 with the GazettE, Gackt, Alice Nine, Nightmare and Rag fair

-Neo Genesis vol.14 with the GazettE, VIDOLL as back cover, LM.C and more… with Poster of the GazettE and Vidoll inside

-Flyer: Dopes., Para:noir

everything HERE http://okuribi-kasou.livejournal.com/42202.html